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neither get out of the pocket that had been
prepared for him nor get back to his warriors*

There was only one course left to Chief Atsista-
mokon and that was to risk a desperate^ wild dash
straight through the big Cree camp and trust to
luck for the safety of his life. Atsistamokon had
already killed two Crees wrho had come out on
horseback and attempted to kill him in his trap3
and he well realized the danger of the bold move
that he was about to make.

He mounted one of the dead Crees* horses,
slung his bow and arrows over his shoulder., and
holding his big battle-axe as a weapon^ he gave a
war-cry and shot the pony forward as fast as it
would go5 straight toward the Cree camp. The
Cree warriors heard his yell, and when they saw
him coming they jumped on their ponies and
brandished their weapons In readiness for the
slaughter. He rode through a veritable shower
of arrows and bullets; and the Crees were so
flabbergasted at his failure to fall that they
remained in their tracks for a moment, apparently
too surprised to grasp the situation and take up
the immediate chase of their disappearing quarry.

But Chief Pretty-Young-Man came dashing
right on his heels, mounted on the fastest pony
among the tribe* He overtook Atsistamokon*
rode alongside him, raised his muzzle-loader and
fired at him at point-blank range. Atsistamokon